"The most intelligent dog in the world"

Origins of the Border Collie

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Where does the border collie come from?  What is this breed's origin?  Have you every wondered about that?  If you haven't, I hope I've got you curious now!   If I have, you can read about what I found out about this breed's origins below.  If you have more important info to add to this section that isn't already included, send me a quick message (you need to sign in if you haven't already, or register for free).


The border collie has a great reputation of being a sheepdog.  However, today the border collie is crowned "the most intelligent dog in the world".  Thanks to his intelligence, the border collie makes a great companion and a loyal friend.  No doubt lots of people chose the border collie as a pet because of his intelligence and loyalty, not to mention because of the "love of so perfect and honourable a breed" (Border Collie, Stephen Sussam).

"Given the breed's original purpose, owning a Border Collie as a pet is, in the strictest sense, incorrect. The history, purpose and heart of the animal itself converge upon one utilitarian theme: work. This is a working dog and those who choose it as a pet for whatever reasons of admiration, emulation or reverse snobbery must understand and accommodate its practical soul."
-Border Collie, Stephen Sussam

This doesn't mean that it's wrong to own a border collie as just a pet.  It only means that the way people have used border collies has changed over the years.


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