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"The Border Collie is known for his superior intelligence, strong work ethic, and incredible loyalty."
- Your Border Collie's Life, Kim D.R. Dearth

Willingness to Work

The border collie is not a lazy breed.  Neither is it a dumb breed.  It is really very much the opposite.  With great willingness, a border collie will work for hours at any job you give him/her to please you.  Although a very hard-working dog, he/she is always able to find some way to cheer you up when you've had an awful, wearisome day.  Maybe he/she will start chasing their tail, or jump up and give you a hug.  Whatever he/she does, it will amazingly brighten you up and bring a smile to your face.

The bad side about this breed's intelligence and willingness to work is that, if not given something to do or if not getting enough exercise, a border collie will come up with his/her own "doggie projects" which I'm pretty sure you wouldn't approve of.
For example, they might take up digging holes in the backyard or in the garden, or they might try to dig under the fence, etc.,  If you want to avoid all this, then make sure you exercise your dog enough!


Border collies are dogs of great stamina and therefore need adequate exercise.  "Hyperactive, obsessive, or neurotic" border collies result when they do not get enough exercise for neither the physical nor mental health.

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