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If you have a question about this website the first place to check would be here.  However, I cannot think of every question there is out there so if you can't find a question in this FAQ, feel free to post it in the forums (please make sure you chose the right topic) or send in your question to the email address below (bottom of the page).

About ABC

  1. What is ABC's Goal?

    ABC's goal is to provide information to all the border collie lovers and owners out there and to offer a place for them to get together and chat with other owners and lovers.

  2. Why was ABC Created?

    ABC was created to be a place where all border collie lovers and owners can get together and learn more about the breed.

  3. How often is ABC updated?

    Although I cannot give a definite answer to this question, I can tell you that I do my best to visit my site regularly and keep it up to date.

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  1. What is a WebsID?

    "Access to this site is powered by Webs ID. Webs ID is a service that enables you to create a single account that can be used to join and access any website powered by Webs ID." (Webs)

  2. Does it cost to get a membership to this site?

    No, it's free to join this site.  Simply enter a few things in the registration form (your e-mail, a username, etc.,) and your done!  It only takes a few seconds to join.  Membership is affective immediately.

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