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LAST UPDATE: April 19, 2011
Welcome - thank you for visiting!  I'm sure you won't regret it!  The Border Collie - truly an amazing breed, a smart one, too!  And, here at AboutBorderCollies, I am going to tell you more about them!  Yes, I know I haven't got much info up yet on the pages, but, as I keep saying, I'm working to get more up and hoping to have it done soon!  I promise, as soon as I have more time, I will get right on that.  I haven't had much time, lately, to update this website - with all the school studies, walking my doggie Hershey (he's a black and white border collie, by the way, you can find his picture in the forums), taking care of my pets (I have cats, too), and more.  Anyway, summer break is coming soon and I'm hoping to do some more research on this breed during the summer months.
On this website, I will usually refer to this website as either AboutBorderCollies or ABC for short (I don't always want to take the time to type AboutBorderCollies, sometimes I don't have time). Anywho, I just wanted to make sure you understood what I mean by ABC.
I will be doing everything I can to keep this website up-to-date.  For your convenience, I have included the date since the last update in bold above, as you probably saw already.  Let me tell you now, sometimes I will update this website every few days, and sometimes I won't have time to even visit my website for a few weeks or months (so far, I have only been away from the website for no more that one month or so, and I hope to keep it that way as the website progresses).
As I've already told you, I have close to no info up right now, and I'm going to try to work on that during the summer months (I'll try to do it sooner if I can).  But meanwhile, feel free to check out the blog, forums, pictures, and videos!
Don't forget to sign the guestbook if you have never visited this website before!  Feedback is also always welcome!  If you have a question, feel free to Contact Me and you'll get an answer - right in your inbox!  But, please, check the FAQ before sending me a question, you're question and it's answer could be there - I would really appreciate it if you would check first, then, if your question isn't there, you can send me your question(s), or you can send your question to or post it here.

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